The Pets

We have (and have had) between us quite a number of dogs and cats. Currently there is 1 dog, 3 cats and 4 fish. Anyway, here is the who's who of the animals

Percy (Pooh, Pig dog, Pooh de bum bum, Pig dog elephant goat sheep hunter)


Percy was my dog. He was my best friend who knew and understood me.

One thing about German Shepard Dogs is that they take the personality of their owner and Percy was no different. He was full of life, full of fun and for a dog, had a sense of humour!

One of the strangest things about him was that while he loved the very bones of the ex, when she came into the bedroom, he would bark, but be jumping around wagging his tail. At first we thought it was down to me being in bed, but when he never did it with Richard or if the exes eldest sister was here, so it must have just been her!

Percy came by the name of Pooh thanks to my mother. When he was being toilet trained he would pee (or do his other doings) on either side of the paper. One morning she came down, saw a mess and called something about Percy having a Pooh-de-bum-bum. It stuck and he was from then known as Pooh! Truth be told, as with the bear of the same name, he suited it.

He was finally taken by a heart attack at the age of 10 and a half.

Sally (Silly)


I bought Sally from the RSPCA in Halewood as a Valentine present. Only problem was her weight. Then her only problem was kennel cough. Then she was in season. Then she had kennel cough and finally, on the 2nd April she was ready to come home.

Sally actually had her name before we bought her and she was given the pre-name of Silly pretty much at the same time. She is very pretty and enjoys running around, climbing trees and being generally lovely.

To start with, Sally wouldn't have much to do with me, but after a while, she pretty much attached herself to me. Around the same time, she attached herself to Percy and it was down to her that his life lasted as long as it did as she wouldn't leave him alone. When Pooh died, she wouldn't lie down in the living room for around a month and didn't really want to come into the living room either.

Sally is a lovely dog - one half collie, one half GSD. She has the height and build of the collie with everything else the GSD.

Monty (Mole, Babe)

Monty on the park

Monty started his life off on a farm being one of 11 pups. I'd wanted a GSD for a while and half-heartedly looked in papers. At the turn of 2005, I decided that 3 years without the finest of all the breeds of dog by my side was long enough and started to look properly.

Someone mentioned to me that there was a GSD rescue and after arranging to see the dog up for adoption, the home check stage failed - no gate and no real fence. Luckily, just after that, my former next door neighbour told me of a farm were their dogs had just had a litter a few weeks before hand. After being turned down by the rescue, I arranged to see the pups with the intention to buy one. It was the 23rd April. A lovely day. The neighbour who knew the farm went with me and Richard to see the dogs.

Monty was the third choice. The first two had been taken. I picked him as he was the one at the front of the kennel who was protecting (ish!) the other pups. He had a lot of chutzpa as well. £ 150 later, he was mine.

Originally, he was called Casey (a terrible name). However, the next day, Monty was on the bed with his paws crossed and this very content look on his puppy face. He could have just been saying "excellent" and so the name Casey became Monty. The nickname "mole" came shortly later (after he wrecked the kitchen door during house training). Yes, I know, there was also a series of ZX Spectrum games staring the character Monty Mole...

Monty is a right handful. He's bouncy, he's full of tricks and he is quite definitely mine. Unfortunately, I don't get to see him that much now as he is kept at a different address

Angelus (Angel, Angelus T. Cat, Angle)


Angel is a black cat with all the fun that a black cat brings. He is the younger of the boys and is certainly the most lively and independant. The cat really likes to eat, but doesn't have that much of a purr, sounding like an asthmatic having not taken the medicine, gone for a run in the freezing cold and then decided to sing an aria! As cats go, he's quite aloof prefering to be on his own than with others - except when there is food to be had, then it's all bets are off!

Lucifer (Lou, Looble, Lubus T Kitten, Looble Monster)


Lou is a lovely cat. He was abandoned at 3 days by his mother in Becki's grandma's back garden and was brought up by hand. Becki's mum and little sister helped massively, but due to being abandoned at that age, his health has suffered. Initially, he had great problems keeping food down and would projectile vomit. He's had most of his back teeth removed and for a while, was touch and go as to if he would make it to adulthood.

He has and is the friendliest of all cats around.

Willow (Mouse, Herb, Chunky Bum, Hebr)


Willow is the newest addition to the house. She's a German Sheperd (well, what else would we have?) and our first dog. At the moment, she's about 2 years old and enjoys sleeping, yawning, falling asleep on us, eating, drinking, making a mess and waking up howling like a banshee at 4 in the morning! Bless...