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Alrighty, here are a collection of links to various places and for various thing type things....


:- Dr Who @ the BBC The Official site from the company who has finally decided to bring the Dr back
:- Channel M Ch.M is a TV channel only available in Gtr. Manchester, but which has made the well respected programmes in the Gloves Off and Interference programming threads.
:- ReelNorth - THE very best short films programme on television (and recently nominated for a BAFTA award). Nothing else comes close in terms of quality and presentation. Pity you can only get it in Manchester
:- Sledgehammer Online Definately the most original US comedy ever. Pity the stupid execs in the US couldn't see how wonderful it was!
:- Married... with children A rather funny US sitcom - okay, it had it's terrible season, but then so have the Simpsons (well, seasons 10 - 12 sucked largely!)
:- CSI For once, a thought provoking US drama with one foot somewhere close to the world of forensic science. Okay, it's glammed up (in the same way as Miami Vice), but it's still rather good. Requires Flash
:- Crocodile Hunder The Irwin's website. It's rather good!
:- Ren and Stimpy - a fantastic cartoon from Nickelodeon which somehow lost it's way...


:- BBC Radio 5 Live A really good radio station. I wake up to it, drive to work to it and come home to it. Even Richard likes it!
:- BBC Radio 7 The digitial home of comedy and drama on the BBC
:- Goon Show Preservation Society - where the Goons live
:- Big Finish Audio Keeping Dr Who alive on audio


:- VirtualAcorn A virtually innovative RISC OS emulation company
:- APDL One of the oldest and most well respected RISC OS companies around
:- Acorn User A mag which had (until recently) fallen on stoney ground
:- RISCOS Ltd The company set up after the death of Acorn to develop the operating system for desktop machines


:- The linux kernel Roll it yourself here. Yes, you can compile your own kernel without waiting for some useless company or other to post a fix for it's own broken one!
:- Bluefish Probably the finest HTML editor around
:- Scribus Yep, we have a homepage!
:- THE Linux news portal (amongst other things!)
:- Fancy a Office suite without paying massive amounts of money? Well, this one is free and is totally compatible with MS Office. Comes in various flavours as well!
:- Fedora Core Linux The distro I use - it's from RedHat, so it's trustworthy!
:- Linux Format A rather wonderful Linux mag with a rather lousy website!
:- Linux User Groups See if there is a group in your area
:- RPM find Get your precompiled RPMs from here folks!
:- UK Free Software Network An ISP which channels profits back into open source software development
:- Linux Emporium If you want something for Linux, these are the people to talk to
:- Digital Networks UK A rather wonderful Manchester based company with a high reputation in the linux market for supplying very high quality servers, computers and impartial advice
:- AFFS The Association For Free Software - an absolutely brilliant bunch of people dedicated to the promotion of free software

Websites in general

:- Operation Clambake Why Scientology is a pile of crap and how to avoid being trapped by this bunch of dozy cults
:- W3C These are the governing body for all that is WWW
:- Liverpool John Moores Uni My old stomping ground


:- ACCU The organisation to be a member of if you're a C or C++ programmer. Has a very wide range of book reviews on the website as well
:- Comeau Computing Has some really good C++ and C information up there

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