C from the Top

C from the Top was a series originally written for Archive Magazine in the far distant mists of time.

It covered the basics, included source files for the user to compile as well as end of article tests - the sort of thing you'd expect.

In this web based version, I've corrected various dodgy bits (to paraphrase the Hitch Hikers Guide), they were "apocraphul or at least wildly inaccurate" as well as add a few extra comments in.

Originally, these were designed for folks using RISC OS (and therefore would be used to BBC BASIC, which I have referred to from time to time) and so there are platform specific parts. If you're not using RISC OS either via the excellent VirtualAcorn or on a real RISC OS machine, don't worry. The sources are also available in the "standard" way (filenames such as foo.c)

So, fire up your compiler, text editor and anything else you need, and let's make a start!