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He's back...

And it's about time!

Way back in 1963, a science fiction programme burst onto our screens and up until 1987, it held court just about every year and at it's peak, brought in around 19 million viewers.

In 1987, the show was put on ice - partly down to viewing figures and partly down to US imports of far higher quality. There was uproar. It was expected. But the uproar didn't get any quieter. Countries around the world made noise and in 1996, the BBC and FOX (in the USA) commissioned a TV Movie with the 8th Doctor (Paul McGann).

A massive budget and a nice size cast meant a new series, but only if the TVM took off. It didn't. Despite nearly 9.5 million viewers in the UK - a good figure for a bank holiday Monday, it didn't do well in the US. And so the Doctor vanished into space again...

Then in 2004....

What is here

There are all sorts of things here, including material on the missing episodes (during the 1970s, the BBC destroyed over 100 episodes of Dr Who and many more of other programmes) as well as programme details of all the doctors and even a script which I wrote!