The Worst C++ Course in the World - EVER!

The Worst C++ Course EVER!

This is the complete text (well, nearly complete!) from the C&G III C++ programmers course being taught at my local college.

It is my intention to re-write it. Please have a browse through the text and let me know if you consider anything really wrong.

I've added a pile of comments to the code which either corrects the mistakes or makes comments which would improve things.

Probably the most telling thing about this is that it falls into the C course which has been re-written to play lip service to C++ and some of its important bits, but is still essentially C - this is blatently apparent in the string handling parts, which uses the C string.h header rather than cstring but makes it look like there is no C++ string header or C++ string handling facilities.

The course is intended for use on Microsoft Visual C++ 5 so it is vaguely understandable that the likes of namespaces were omitted - education in the UK college sector is underfunded, so the money to upgrade to a roughly standards compliant compiler may not have been there. The course was taken though in 2001, g++ was at version 3.1 so there should have been no reason for having such a poor compiler

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